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Microstrip elements added to RF Designer - Sept. 10 2016

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Microstrip elements added to RF Designer - Sept. 10 2016

Postby rftools » Sun Sep 11, 2016 5:32 am

It has been a long time coming, but I finally added several microstrip components to the element catalog. I was hoping to have this done much sooner, but my day job has been keeping me very busy over this past year and a few hours here and there were just not cutting it for this task. The math involved is pretty intense and it required a whole lot of research, testing, and optimizing for speed. Now the heavy stuff is out of the way (MLIN and MCLIN were the most complicated models I have worked on so far) and I can move on to the other models. MTEE (microstrip tee junction) was just released in the last update. Next up, I am looking to add MCROS (4 way junction), MBEND, MBEND2, (angled and 90 degree optimally mitered bends) and MRSTUB (microstrip radial stub). These will be added over the next few updates. I am also currently working on a tutorial video for designer a microstrip branchline 3 dB coupler using RF Designer, so look out for that in the coming week.
The next main thing coming up are improvements to the graphs. I have just added data to the graticules on the rectangular graph which is nice to have finally. The next thing up (hopefully in the next update) will be the ability to add markers on the plots.

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