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Placing Parts in the Schematic

Posted: Sat Jan 03, 2015 5:18 am
by rftools

YouTube link for the demo video: RF Designer - Placing Parts

Adding a part
1) To access the component catalog, press the Navigation Drawer Icon in the upper left hand side of the screen: Image
2) The Navigation drawer will appear on the right side of the screen. Select the part you wish to place. [Note: a long press on a component item (about 1 sec.) will display on screen a short description of that item]
3) Touch the area of the screen you would like to place the part. You can cancel the place operation at any time by pressing the cancel button in the tools tray: Image
4) Once placed, the part will be highlighted blue indicating the part is selected. You can move a selected part simply by touching and dragging it across the screen.
5) Selected parts can be deleted by pressing the delete button in the tool tray: Image
6) Selected parts may also be rotated in 90° increments by pressing either the CW button or the CCW button : Image Image
7) Tap the screen once to un-select the part.

Editing Part Properties:

1) To select a part, simply tap on it. The part will highlight blue indicating it has been selected.
2) Double tap anywhere on the screen to open the part's properties dialog:


3) Pressing the Component Help button will provide more details on the parts properties.